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Sunland – The Land of Freedom.

For many centuries humanity has been dreaming about the Land of Freedom that could be a pattern for the rest of the world. The best human minds: Thomas More, Tomaso Campanella, Henri de Saint-Simon, Charles Fourier, etc. had devoted themselves to this dream. Although their dream didn't come true, but aspirations of many millions people, which these genius had expressed in their writings, are alive in the present world more than ever before. And now their dreams and aspirations have all chances to become a reality.

The Sunland project puts into practice, grows up every day. As it should be, many energetic, fully alive people are very interested in Sunland. There is a huge interest about question "Where Sunland can be located?" We wish to inform all that at this moment as a place for Sunland

we consider Oeno Island (that is now uninhabited and legally belongs to Pitcairn islands, British overseas territory. See also a detailed satellite map of the island ) For comparison, Oeno land area is twice more than the "Freetown Christiania". This place we want to propose for consideration. Feel free to express yours views, concerns and suggestions. From the very beginning, the activists and all people who care should create Sunland themselves. All views must be considered, all rational proposals should be carefully explored. The original plan for a practical organization of the Sunland settlement was called "Sunrise Plan" (see below).

The Sunland project team.

The “Sunrise Plan”.

“Sunrise Plan” is the stage-by-stage plan of organization the Sunland settlement on the Oeno Island.

1st stage.

А) Starting negotiations with Pitcairn Islands officials (Mayor and Council) and with the representatives of the British Crown to provide location for the settlement on Oeno Island according certain conditions.

B) The deployment of fund-raising campaign.

C) Starting a large-scale PR campaign to raise awareness the art-community, media, and world public opinion about the Sunland.

2nd stage.

Elaboration of the question: how participants would arrive on the island, and how necessary for the settlement goods would be transported? Groups of the participants will arrive on the island through various transport modes (aircraft, passenger ship, longboat, yacht). There will be the initiators of the project in the first arriving group.

3rd stage.

Arriving on the island. Construction of housing, arranging necessary living conditions and communication with the outside world.
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