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PRESS-RELEASE. The world famous people will express their opinion about the project of art-colony on

PRESS-RELEASE. The world famous people will express their opinion about the project of art-colony on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean.

The group of underground artists, musicians and poets from creative association "ART REVOLUTION" announced recently the fascinating project of establish the self-governing settlement of creative persons on one of the desert islands in Oceania. According to ideologists of "ART REVOLUTION" such art colony should become some kind of substitute to the well-known Copenhagen's art commune "Christiania" which, under the Danish authorities decision, threatens the complete liquidation in the near future.

The initiators of the project that was named “Sunland” inform that they intend to interrogate all most known world art representatives and the well-known public figures to find out their opinion about the idea.

According to the artist and public figure Dmitry Kremnev, the project inspirers have already received first responses

that, however, are not quite positive. “We are the artists and therefore we are absolutely not afraid of lack understanding. But as realists we know that any considerable idea never received a general recognition instantly. For example, we deeply respect the world famous programmer and the public figure, the founder of GNU license Richard Stallman. But, unfortunately, Mr. Stallman answered us that he has not quite realized (or has pretended that didn’t realize) in what an essence of our idea. But, however, we intend to find out opinion of many other well-known people about Sunland, and probably to get their support” said Kremnev.

Talking about the planned location to the settlement, Kremnev gives such information: "Many people are constantly asking about it, some people even think, that all of this is a hoax, joke. We are no joking! Some circumstances have forced us not to disclose the name of the island until a certain moment. But now I am happy to inform all people who interested in Sunland that the place name will be announced on June 21. This coincidence is a very symbolic because this is a day of summer solstice (and winter solstice in Southern Hemisphere). This day the Sun begins to decline in Northern hemisphere and vice versa this one is increasing in Southern Hemisphere".


P.S. There is some misunderstanding about certain point in previous post. We didn't want to say that alcohol completely banned on Sunland. This was about chronically ill people - alcoholics and drug addicts. As for light drugs, well, let the Sunland participants decide the question.
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