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What is Sunland?

Sunland is the unique project of community (сommune, settlement) of people, who are joint according to the principles of equality, autonomy, free self-determination of the person. Wishing a more fair life and work, the Sunland's participants have chosen for their location a desert island in Pacific ocean, that is nowadays removed from the centres of a civilisation.

Any person can become a member of the community outside of distinctions of age, sex, race, nationalities or educational level. However, we shall not accept persons who

depend on drugs or alcohol (exception of this rule is the case when the person sincerely wishes to get rid of such dependence by his own will. Such cases need to be considered separately, in view of concrete circumstances). Giving personal freedom Sunland demands personal responsibility. The participant of the community should apply his working, his knowledge and skills to its development.

The internal life of the community is defined by the basic document (Charter) that must be accepted with a consensus. Members of the commune elect among themselves a few persons, who are the most suitable to execution of the definite managment, technical, etc. work, and entrusting them definite job. Decision of most important issues is assigned to Council of Sunland. The Council must also resolves possible conflicts.
Community members also elect the Chairman of the Sunland, who is not the member of the Council (although he may take part at its meetings).
The chairman is responsible for the general direction of community development, also he represents Sunland in the intercourses with an external world. It is important to notice that all Council members and the Chairman are elected by the population of Sunland for indefinite period. They may be withdrawn from execution of their duties at any time according to the decision of community general meeting, which is convoked in such cases on request of not less one third of participants of a commune.

It is necessary aspires that all matters in Sunland would be solved with unanimous will of its participants. In case of inevitable disagreements should operate the procedures of resolution of conflicts which accepted by all.

Sunland should become a model, an example for many independent formations, communes, communities, etc. worldwide.

The Sunland project team.
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