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A Better World

People working towards positive change

Positive Change
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"The key to organizing an alternative society is to organize people around what they can do, and more importantly, what they want to do."--Abbie Hoffman (courtesy midoriliem)

This is a community for those who are committed to bringing positive change to our world.

This is intended to be a place where activists of all ages can meet and discuss things they're working on, things they feel are wrong and need to be changed, or just network/meet new people.

Community rules

1. Obviously we're going to debate, and arguing is fine. However, personal attacks will not be tolerated. Saying why you disagree with someone's opinion is fine, and challenging someone is fine, but name-calling or insulting someone is not. That being said, sometimes people insult one another without realizing it. EMAIL ME if you feel like you are being attacked.

2. As "progressive" people, we should not be using language which is discriminatory in any way. Comments or language found to be racist, GLBTQ-phobic, misogynistic, ablist, or which discriminate based on religion will not be tolerated. Neither will any language supporting racism, genocide, homophobia, or violence against women. If you do this, I will warn you, and then freeze your comment. If you make such a comment in a post, I will warn you in a comment, and delete your post.

3. Large entries*, images which might be disturbing to users, or posts which might contain disturbing/graphic information MUST be posted behind an LJ-cut. If you are unaware as to how to use LJ-cut, there is information available here. Do not disable comments on posts. Leave them open. This is a forum for discussion - why should anyone try and make it otherwise? Posts with comments disabled will be deleted. Please make sure before you post that you are not repeating someone might have made an entry about earlier on. Repetitive posts will be deleted.
* a "large entry" is defined as any entry which requires a user to scroll down to read it in entirety.

4. Entries promoting communities are allowed, but must be in line with the community's ideals, ie: Peace, feminism, justice, anti-homophobia, etc. Off-topic community promotion entries will be deleted and marked as spam.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and ask.

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