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In searching of the lost treasure... Sunland hits bull's eye.

ExpeditionAs we've already told about it in the last video, during the researches related to the Agrihan Island we had found information that the British pirate Roberton buried there 2 million gold piastres from the Peruvian ship which had been captured by him in 1817.

Fearing that the evil tongues would make us out as people who use the idea as the cover but actually eager for enrichment, we hesitated – whether reveal this or not? However, we have well pondered and decided to tell about the treasure. Why? Those people, who reject Sunland idea now or take it frivolous, will reject and laugh at it further. For instance, we never insisted on giving money for Sunland. But from the very beginning the most heinous characters started to call us crooks who want to swindle money out from them. We must call a spade a spade - the western philistines treat the Russians with such attitude now. At the same time those western philistines happily give their money to all sorts of rubbish (one may attend some western sites and look up what idiocy here it comes). Western people suspicious and distrustful to the representatives of others, non-western cultures (especially if we deal with the Australians, this is provincial narrow-minded and reactionary nation at the moment).

The most interesting thing would be if those people who mocking at us with their words, after a while went to the island to look for treasures, because it is much easier for them. But for them it will be monkey business. First, they'll find nothing since only we have the information where to find (it should not be understood so that we have the map on hand because anyone can't get it but at least we know a place where we have to search). Secondly and most importantly, we know HOW, by what methods and instruments, it needs to search the treasure.

Sunland is organizing the expedition not in order to dig out the gold but in order to advance the Sunland idea. A genuine treasure is hidden in ourselves ... The search operation at Agrihan Island
was called "Bull's eye". Tentative start time of the expedition is January-February 2010.

Disposition: the members of the expedition should arrive at the Marianas by at least two groups (one group from Russia, the second, as we still hope, will arrive from Europe and the USA). For Russian citizens it needs obtain permission from local authorities no later than for 1 month prior their arrival on the Mariana Islands (U.S. visa is not required). The group from Russia concentrates in Tokyo in a certain time and there take a Northwest Airlines ( flight to Saipan - the capital of the Mariana Islands. In the same time the group from other countries concentrates on Saipan (for U.S. citizens it is enough to present a proof of citizenship). Then all we will charter a coaster which goes on Agrihan (it is approximately 400 km. or 250 miles to the north from Saipan). On Agrihan we will arrange the expedition camp and start to work. We believe one month would be sufficient to find the treasure.

Anyone may turn to the Expedition's Headquarters concerning to the all issues of participation and organization.

The Sunland project team.
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