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An open letter to legal President of Honduras José Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

SunlandYour Excellency,

We, the group of people from around the world, mostly creative persons and artists (but also common people) express our outraged by unlawful actions of putschists. We believe and hope that the fairness will be fully restored and government in exile under your leadership can return to the motherland. We hope that the lawlessness will be stopped and your glorious country can be able to go forward on the way of progress and democracy still more confidently. We will do our best to support your fair struggle and contribute to the progressive development of Honduras republic.

We are all united by the participation in a project that was named Sunland. Its main idea consists in the following: we want to establish a sort of art-colony and, at the same time, a self-sustaining ecological village. For this purpose we want to create on one of the uninhabited islands a settlement for creative people from around the world.

As it may be known for you, the "free city Christiania" that is located in the capital of Denmark Copenhagen and similar with our project, brings to the budget of that country a huge revenue (about million tourists visit this place in a year). But unfortunately this commune evidently will cease to exist because of the Danish authorities’ decision. We took into account all negative aspects of this experience and we have detailed plan of creation a stable environmental settlement, which as we believe will be very attractive and interesting for the many people around the world. In addition, implementing of this project will serves to strengthen the positive image of the Honduras Republic on the world stage.

When you return home, we ask you to consider our proposal to let us to create our settlement on one of the uninhabited islands which belong to Honduras Republic. In our view, the Swan Islands are the most suitable for the implementing of the project.

All information about Sunland project can be found on our Internet site:

We hope that this proposal will be interesting for you. We are ready to give any addition information and start to practical steps.

Sincerely yours,
Dmitriy Kremnev.
The Sunland project coordinator.
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