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Towards a renewal of the Liberation theory. Part I [02 Dec 2014|03:50pm]

marx1The specter of communism, which had been discerned by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848, has never gained flesh and blood (if, of course, we won't treat monstrous regimes most of which are now solidly buried into the graves dug by the mole of History, as "communist"). Something went wrong…

If we look into history we shall find that Marxism, as an idea which acquired consciousness of the masses, was active only for a rather short time period - that is about half a century in Europe (70s of the XIX century - 20s of the XX century) and the same span in Asia and Latin America (20s - 70s of the XX century). Thus, Marxism met mature stage of the industrialization process in the West and the initial stage of that one in the East.

What's up to nowadays?
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Great meme [01 Sep 2013|04:19pm]

Originally posted by serendipityone at Great meme

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The Army Has Issued Anti-Suicide Nasal Spray To Keep Troops From Taking The ‘Easy Out’ [12 Apr 2013|06:08pm]

military suicide alternative
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This community needs to be revived from the dead. [12 Apr 2013|04:13pm]

Yay Peru!

yay peru
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Last chance to save a man's life [21 Sep 2011|03:03pm]

Troy Davis was convicted of murdering a Georgia police officer in 1991. Nearly two decades later, Davis remains on death row — even though the case against him has fallen apart.

The case against him consisted entirely of witness testimony which contained inconsistencies even at the time of the trial. Since then, all but two of the state's non-police witnesses from the trial have recanted or contradicted their testimony.

Many of these witnesses have stated in sworn affidavits that they were pressured or coerced by police into testifying or signing statements against Troy Davis.

One of the two witnesses who has not recanted his testimony is Sylvester "Red" Coles — the principle alternative suspect, according to the defense, against whom there is new evidence implicating him as the gunman. Nine individuals have signed affidavits implicating Sylvester Coles.

Georgia's State Board of Pardons and Paroles has recently rejected Troy Davis' clemency petition. Troy continues to face execution on Wednesday Sept. 21 at 7 pm EDT (midnight Weds night UK time). Please take action before this time.

We cannot let an innocent man die.

Please take these two simple actions - asking the Parole Board to reconsider (they can change their mind at any time), and asking that Chatham County (Savannah) District  Attorney Larry Chisolm step in and withdraw the death warrant.

Take action here
and here

We can't let them kill an innocent man. This really is Troy's last chance.

Thank you for your support.

Please forward the email below to the Parole Board at

Feel free to personalise the text or change the title of the email. We must keep the pressure on the Board, and let them know that the world is watching. Executing Troy would be an outrageous travesty against justice.

Please grant Troy Davis clemency
State Board
Pardons and Paroles webmaster
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
SE Suite 458
East Tower
30334-4909 Atlanta
Dear Clemency Board members,
I call on the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles to take all steps necessary to ensure that Troy Anthony Davis is not executed.
You have voted to deny him clemency despite the fact that significant doubts continue to plague his conviction. You must reconsider and reverse this decision immediately.
Seven of the nine witnesses have changed their story and no physical evidence links Davis to the crime. No one should be executed, especially when there are so many doubts about guilt.
This case has generated widespread attention because so many people in Georgia and throughout the world are disturbed by the thought of a man being executed when so
much doubt about his guilt remains unresolved.
Nothing can undermine public faith in a criminal justice system faster than an execution when there are still serious doubts about guilt.
Georgia cannot afford to make such a mistake, and I urge you to do everything in your power to prevent this injustice from taking place.
Yours sincerely,
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Please register as a stem cell donor and perhaps save a life! [18 Jul 2011|03:51pm]

Please register as a stem cell/bone marrow donor and ask others to do the same!
On the Hungarian blog Segíts Szilvinek! (Help Szilvi!), Ramóna is recruiting stem cell donors for Szilvia Simon and asking us to spread the word. On June 24th, she wrote that “There is nobody, nobody in all the world whose blood would at least approximately match hers, and has registered as a donor” and that they were now trying to find cord blood for Szilvi. Ramóna also wrote that many adults and children are waiting for donors.

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Быть может, есть еще шанс! [07 Dec 2010|10:37am]

On the site http://www.free-khodorkovsky.com (in English) you can fill in a postcard in support of M.Khodorkovsky and P.Lebedev for sending it to Russia's president.

Изначально опубликовала may_antiwar в Быть может, есть еще шанс!

Друзья, пожалуйста отправьте открытку президенту РФ. Быть может, именно она станет последней каплей, которая перевесит на чаше весов судьбы Ходорковского и Лебедева. Вам нужно лишь нажать на эту ссылку и заполнить форму открытки, которая размещена на сайте для вашего удобства. Ваша открытка будет отправлена адресату.

Распространите, пожалуйста, эту информацию!

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Подпиши и передай другому! [11 Nov 2010|02:20pm]

On the site www.putinavotstavku.ru Russian citizens put their names down under an appeal for Putin's resignation titled "Putin must go" (read its English translation). Signatures have been collected since 10 March 2010.

Демонстрант держит плакат ПУТИН ДОЛЖЕН УЙТИ во время запрещенного властями митинга в ДЕНЬ ГНЕВА 20 марта на Пушкинской площади в Москве

За время пребывания Путина на посту президента и премьер-министра в стране так и не были проведены жизненно важные для страны реформы (военная, судебная, ЖКХ и др.), хотя доходы от нефти и газа позволяли это сделать. Власть с стране перешла в руки клана Путина, в котором главную роль играют чекисты. Кремль взял под контроль основные СМИ, а выборы превратил в фикцию. Подавляется свобода слова и собраний. В стране снова появились политзаключенные. Прозвол чиновников и милиции принял небывалые маштабы. Начатая Путиным вторая чеченская война, унесшая жизни тысяч мирных граждан, до сих пор не закончена и продолжает плодить террористов. Не было проведено должного расследования взрывов домов в 1999 году, терактов в театре на Дубровке и в Беслане, убийств правозащитников и журналистов.

Пока Путин у власти реальные реформы в стране невозможны, поэтому мы должны добиваться его отставки и возврата страны на демократический путь развития.

«Путинизм - это уродливое детище, моль попавшая в Кремль за подкладкой ельцинского пиджака, разросшаяся и принявшаяся пожирать все самое лушее, накопленное и сохраненное многострадальной, доброй и великой страной! Путинизм - это ситема построенная на тотальной лжи. Она боится правды как черт святой воды. Россияне, говорите Правду и путинизм рухнет.»

34770 Новиков Александр Васильевич, Екатеринбург.
Поэт, певец, композитор

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Путин должен уйти

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The “Resurrection Plan“. A new hope for land and people. [18 Sep 2010|05:24am]


villageAs we wrote recently, because of some circumstances we have been forced to elaborate alternative plan for Sunland location and development. And now our new Resurrection Plan originated as a result of this elaboration. What is it? What we can to offer our supporters and sympathizers around the world?

It's not a secret - in all cities in all countries there are large communities of anarchists, radical artists, ecologists, representatives of subcultures, and all those people who don't fit in with the normative rules of modern society. Searching the way out from stifling atmosphere of this tainted world they try to find some free spaces at least small and poor. So, if they achieve this they often resort to the practice of squatting. But their new Home is often threatened in the cases if some greedy rustlers have an eye on that place. Given this we modified the idea of squatting (though this modification occasioned by the actual situation in Russia).

As a result of so called "democratic reforms" the terrible mass depopulation befell Russia. More of all it concerns Russian countryside. And now many villages in Russia stand absolutely deserted. For eg. 2.500 from 8.000 villages in Pskov region (N.-W. Russia) are uninhabited. For the outside observer, it seems like some kind of genocide and more over - destroying traditional forms of living.

Also, our Resurrection Plan means that: 1) we must to find suitable empty villages, 2) go there to the reconnoiter, 3) select the most convenient place, 4) organize the first group settlers and volunteers, 5) legalize our eco-village with local authorities.

Certainly, first of all we figure on the Russian anarchists, libertarians, radical ecologists, artists and all those Russian young people who eager to the spiritual renovation. But our foreign friends have to watch the cause. This horrible monster - THE STATE (damn it forever and ever, amen!) - is the same everywhere. Far and wide where the state stretches its paws the life becoming intolerable (note this case). Because Freedom is indivisible, our foreign friends have to ready to come to the aid of Sunland in case of troubles.

Sunland Commune.

N.-W. Russia.

Wednesday XVII Virt, I Year S.E.

The Sunland project team.
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East Timor: imperialist predators feast, covered with blood. [11 Feb 2010|08:21pm]

Smash Au$tralian imperialism!The modern history of East Timor indicates very clearly what animal brutality hidden behind "humanitarian" façade of modern imperialism. A brief excursion through this drama will allow us to draw two very important conclusions.

The most important fact, which explains a great deal, can be specified at once. There are rich deposits of oil and natural gas in the offshore waters of the country.

East Timor (Timor-Leste) occupies the eastern half of the eponymous island and until 1975 it was a Portuguese colony. Portuguese "Carnation Revolution" (1974) overthrew the fascist dictatorship and opened the process of decolonization of the Portuguese possessions, including East Timor. The left “Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor” (FReTiLIn), the biggest political party in the country, was at the head of the anti-colonial struggle. On November 28, 1975, FReTiLIn, relying on the Timorese soldiers of the colonial troops, announced East Timor an independent state. However, the Indonesian Army invaded the country 9 days later. East Timor was declared the 27th province of Indonesia.

According to various estimates, Indonesian military clique butchered from third to half of the population (from 100 to 250 thousand people) during their occupation of the country. "The Time" magazine described Indonesian colonizers' repressions: "The killings were so widespread that the number of corpses caused serious health problems in the north of Sumatra where the humid air stinks of rotting meat. Those who passed through these places, say that small rivers and streams were literally crowded with corpses. As a result, river transport is experiencing serious difficulties".

But so-called "civilized world" and especially Australia (next-door neighbor of Timor-Leste) have not noticed this bloody terror of many years. Why?
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Pacific road towards socialism. [29 Dec 2009|02:41pm]


Pacific road towards socialism. As it is evident from the facts of reality and from the analysis of Pacific Unity League, the ruling groups of Oceania are not interested in development on the basis of economic self-sufficiency and real progress. They are interested in the preservation of a dead-end economic model since their true social nature is comprador i.e. they are intermediaries between national market and owners of foreign capital, which penetrating this market. The path in which they are pushing their own people is the path of eternal underdevelopment and neo-colonial dependence. The unenviable fate of low-wage lackeys of rich Western tourists and unhappy lot to become guest workers in Australia and New Zealand are in store for the peoples on this path. It is the path of destruction all national traditions and culture with transforming them into exotic entertainment for the wealthy Western tourists. And the only way out that letting the Oceania peoples to avoid this sad future is path to socialism.

It is possible.

Experience shows that bursting through the front of imperialism and neocolonialism is not a simple task even for the larger countries than the small island states. So, why the victory of socialism is possible in Oceania? To answer this question,

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In searching of the lost treasure... Sunland hits bull's eye. [29 Sep 2009|03:08pm]

ExpeditionAs we've already told about it in the last video, during the researches related to the Agrihan Island we had found information that the British pirate Roberton buried there 2 million gold piastres from the Peruvian ship which had been captured by him in 1817.

Fearing that the evil tongues would make us out as people who use the idea as the cover but actually eager for enrichment, we hesitated – whether reveal this or not? However, we have well pondered and decided to tell about the treasure. Why? Those people, who reject Sunland idea now or take it frivolous, will reject and laugh at it further. For instance, we never insisted on giving money for Sunland. But from the very beginning the most heinous characters started to call us crooks who want to swindle money out from them. We must call a spade a spade - the western philistines treat the Russians with such attitude now. At the same time those western philistines happily give their money to all sorts of rubbish (one may attend some western sites and look up what idiocy here it comes). Western people suspicious and distrustful to the representatives of others, non-western cultures (especially if we deal with the Australians, this is provincial narrow-minded and reactionary nation at the moment).

The most interesting thing would be if those people who mocking at us with their words, after a while went to the island to look for treasures, because it is much easier for them. But for them it will be monkey business. First, they'll find nothing since only we have the information where to find (it should not be understood so that we have the map on hand because anyone can't get it but at least we know a place where we have to search). Secondly and most importantly, we know HOW, by what methods and instruments, it needs to search the treasure.

Sunland is organizing the expedition not in order to dig out the gold but in order to advance the Sunland idea. A genuine treasure is hidden in ourselves ... The search operation at Agrihan Island
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The petition to Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the United States of America. [22 Sep 2009|11:23pm]


Dear Mr. Obama,

The fact, that in these difficult times for America, you were elected to the post of President, as at one time such prominent leaders as Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had been elected at this position too, this fact indicated that the great American nation, that showed remarkable examples of indomitable desire for freedom for the rest of the world, was still full of strength, energy and ability to cope with any difficulties.

We, the signatories to this petition, are encouraged by the spirit of freedom. Our main desire is free life in accordance with the rules, which set up by the free will of our project participants.

For this purpose we want to create a free settlement of artists, representatives of subcultures and minority communities, and ordinary people who want to join us for the living at the Agrihan Island (Mariana Islands), which is territory of the United States of America.

The settlement, which was named Sunland, would be an art colony, at the same time a place for rehabilitation for people who got into trouble (such as the homeless, drug addicts and alcoholics, environmental refugees, etc.) and also environmentally sound settlement for all who agreed with common rules and wished to live at the Island.

Our self-sustaining ecovillage
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Adjustments in the Sunrise plan. [22 Jul 2009|03:41pm]

SunlandExactly a month ago we published a detailed plan of arrangement of free settlement on a desert island - the Sunrise plan. Although at the moment we have not yet received a response from the authorities of Pitcairn Island, anyway we are still going to press for their formal response to our proposals. As for Venezuela and Honduras - the work in progress, it's early to wait their response because suggestions just sent.

Many people express their doubts that the authorities of any State would give us an Island to settlement arrangements for free. Many people say, "While you are waiting for government decisions Sunland project would completely fizzle out". Really, it's possible. In this regard there are some ideas about corrections of the Sunrise Plan.

We could make an interim stage. To convince people that it works, we might arrange a kind of experimental ground. Namely, we might to acquire land in some country and arrange there the first Sunland commune.

Certainly, there's a question of cost. At the moment, we have data on prices of land only regarding Russia. The lowest prices for land can be found in the Yaroslavl region: it starts from $ 15-25 per are (i.e. $ 600-1000 per acre). Thus, the minimum suitable for our purposes area in 10 hectares (about 25 acres) runs up to $ 25 000.

We are ready to arrange the first Sunland commune in any part of the world and in any country. Therefore, if any of the Sunland supporters or sympathizers has information about lower land prices than the above ones - we would be very grateful for this.

The Sunland project team.
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An open letter to legal President of Honduras José Manuel Zelaya Rosales. [08 Jul 2009|08:30pm]

SunlandYour Excellency,

We, the group of people from around the world, mostly creative persons and artists (but also common people) express our outraged by unlawful actions of putschists. We believe and hope that the fairness will be fully restored and government in exile under your leadership can return to the motherland. We hope that the lawlessness will be stopped and your glorious country can be able to go forward on the way of progress and democracy still more confidently. We will do our best to support your fair struggle and contribute to the progressive development of Honduras republic.

We are all united by the participation in a project that was named Sunland. Its main idea consists in the following: we want to establish a sort of art-colony and, at the same time, a self-sustaining ecological village. For this purpose we want to create on one of the uninhabited islands a settlement for creative people from around the world.
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Sunland – The Land of Freedom. [21 Jun 2009|09:56am]

For many centuries humanity has been dreaming about the Land of Freedom that could be a pattern for the rest of the world. The best human minds: Thomas More, Tomaso Campanella, Henri de Saint-Simon, Charles Fourier, etc. had devoted themselves to this dream. Although their dream didn't come true, but aspirations of many millions people, which these genius had expressed in their writings, are alive in the present world more than ever before. And now their dreams and aspirations have all chances to become a reality.

The Sunland project puts into practice, grows up every day. As it should be, many energetic, fully alive people are very interested in Sunland. There is a huge interest about question "Where Sunland can be located?" We wish to inform all that at this moment as a place for Sunland
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PRESS-RELEASE. The world famous people will express their opinion about the project of art-colony on [12 Jun 2009|09:44am]

PRESS-RELEASE. The world famous people will express their opinion about the project of art-colony on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean.

The group of underground artists, musicians and poets from creative association "ART REVOLUTION" announced recently the fascinating project of establish the self-governing settlement of creative persons on one of the desert islands in Oceania. According to ideologists of "ART REVOLUTION" such art colony should become some kind of substitute to the well-known Copenhagen's art commune "Christiania" which, under the Danish authorities decision, threatens the complete liquidation in the near future.

The initiators of the project that was named “Sunland” inform that they intend to interrogate all most known world art representatives and the well-known public figures to find out their opinion about the idea.

According to the artist and public figure Dmitry Kremnev, the project inspirers have already received first responses
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What is Sunland? [10 Jun 2009|12:12am]

Sunland is the unique project of community (сommune, settlement) of people, who are joint according to the principles of equality, autonomy, free self-determination of the person. Wishing a more fair life and work, the Sunland's participants have chosen for their location a desert island in Pacific ocean, that is nowadays removed from the centres of a civilisation.

Any person can become a member of the community outside of distinctions of age, sex, race, nationalities or educational level. However, we shall not accept persons who
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Taking into account the great importance of the Pacific region to the future of mankind and difficult situation in the states of Oceania, most of which have only recently gained independence, we offer this strategic development plan to a wide public debate in these countries and in those that interested in the progressive development of economic, cultural and humanitarian potential of this region.

1. Current situation.

Pacific region is rich with inexhaustible natural resources, which yet should be brought under control by mankind. Besides, natural features of Oceania's islands make them the most important global recreational area.
Their strategic location makes them a potential tool for the aggressive decisions, or a lever for peace and cooperation of peoples.

However, we must note that at present development of the states of Oceania deviates from the line of a really free and independent development.
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